Making A Room Easier To Clean

Most of us have something of a love/hate relationship when it comes to household cleaning. We hate doing it, but we love the feeling of relaxing in a newly cleaned home… For the 8 minutes, it stays clean before the kids have their wicked way with it.

Whoever you are, whatever you do and whatever kind of space you’ve chosen to make your home, I’m willing to bet that you could stand to spend less time cleaning. Most of us have strategies to keep ourselves motivated to keep the home clean and tidy or hacks to make the cleaning process less rigorous. But are there some ways in which you could actually make a room itself easier to clean? You bet there are! Here we’ll look at some choices you can make when decorating or furnishing a room that will make it quicker and easier to clean so that you can use your saved time on the things in life that really matter…


Use storage furniture to clear away clutter

A few carefully chosen items left in prominent positions can give a room a sense of charm and character while giving visitors and guests an impression of who we are and where our tastes lie. But it’s very slippery slope, and character can quickly give way to clutter when too many items are left on display. Clutter not only makes a room more visually noisy and distracting, it can take even take a surprising toll on our mental health. Moreover, it can make a room far more time consuming and fiddly to clean. The more objects we have to remove, wipe around, wipe under and replace, the more time is taken up. Instead, keep all but a select few items in a piece of storage furniture like an ottoman or storage footstool.

Eschew a sofa for a beanbag

Sure, the sofa is a statement piece that can make any living room pop, but not every room needs one. Sofas are a hassle to move, polish, clean and vacuum around. Instead, try eschewing a sofa for a large bean bag from You’ll find that not only do you have more space, but a beanbag is far easier to move and clean under and around than a sofa. Reasonable minds may differ but a lot of people find them way more comfortable too.


Wash your windows and open your blinds

Shadows can make cleaning tricky. They can cause us to see dust, dirt and smudges where there are none, and they can mask streaks and dust that would be plainly visible in good light. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your windows are clean at least once a week. Not only can dirty windows cheapen the effect of even the cleanest rooms, they can make cleaning slower and more laborious. Clean and bright windows, however, show up dirt and dust much more vividly, making them quicker and easier to eliminate.

When you save time cleaning, you have more time spare to relax and enjoy your beautiful, immaculate home.