March Goals and Aprils Accountablility

Holy Moly it's April already!  What is happening with the time?  I am now into my second full month of blogging and I am still having the time of my life.  I have found my footing, still learning a ton, and am trying not to get into a comfort zone yet.  I quit my day job and have decided to do this full time, so March has been my first full month of just blogging.  The biggest challenge is to finding breaks and not feeling guilty for taking a break or part of a day off.  

A run down of my goals from the month of March and I lay out my April goals for a little accountability.

Now that it is April here is the run down of what I have accomplished off my goal list. 

1)Work towards 2 month of blog post-No, I think I'm living in a dream world.  I'm constantly 1 month ahead and I'm not sure why but, that's as far as I can get.

2)Produce a better social media planner-This month I used hootsuite and really liked it.  When I start my evening planning I schedule all of my social media for the next day then.  Has been working very well for me and has really cut down on my stress.

3)Continue to grow my email list-Yes, this is a slow moving train.  I did sign up for List Surge through The Nectar Collective with Melissa and she has been a great inspiration for me.  Love taking this class and I've learned so much.

4)Pass out business cards weekly-Still doing this.  I keep them in my wallet and in my car.  You never know when you're going to need them.

5)Start writing media outlets and include my media kit-No, I have still yet to even write my media kit...I have the template prepared and ready to go.  I just need to stop standing in my own way.

6)Work on my e-course-Yes, I took another class with Melissa on how to go about doing that.  I am just a little closer.

7)Read a book-Well I'm over half way through a 750 page book.  I thought I'd be able to finish 750 pages in one month but nope.  So I guess I have one of my goals for next month.

So there were my March goals.  Now on to my April goals...

1)Finish that huge book that I started.

2)Continue to grow each of my social media platforms (I forgot to put that down for last month and did quite well).

3)Continue to grow my email list using what I've learned through Melissa.

4)Start my e-book.

5)Write those media outlets and stop standing in your own way!

6)Take more breaks through the day.

7)Finish getting the garden planted.

8)Continue staying at least 1 month ahead of blog post and work towards 6 weeks.

9)Keep scheduling social media each evening.

Okay there it is my March goals outcome and my April accountability.  Did you make goals for yourself this past month?  What were some of your goals?  Did you accomplish any?  I'd love to hear all about them!  Thanks so much!