Four Morning Beauty Hacks To Get You Out Of The Door Quicker

We all know mornings can be an uphill struggle - whether it’s racing against the alarm clock, sitting in traffic stressing about missing that 9 am meeting or realizing that the one blouse that goes with that skirt is at the bottom of the dirty laundry pile. So it’s little wonder that taking the time to care for your skin, hair, and makeup can seem hectic. But even if you hit the snooze button eight times in a row? There are still some quick fixes that you can try that will make you look- and feel - much better in no time at all.


Use The Power of H20

After a night’s sleep, your body is quite dehydrated, and this means your skin won’t sparkle and any fine lines and tiredness will be far more visible. Good hydration is a habit, so kick-start the morning the right way by keeping a lidded glass container of the good stuff on your bedside table and drinking the moment you wake up to rehydrate and get your brain working as well. Getting enough water may also stop you overeating later in the morning, as we sometimes mistake our thirst for hunger. Preparing a fruit essence water can be a tasty way to start off your morning.

Get A Multi-Tasking SPF Product

If there is one thing you do for your skin in the morning, it should be a great multi-tasking product containing SPF. The sun’s rays and pollution not only cause damage to the skin via free radicals in the environment, but they can also cause premature aging and pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin cancers. So swipe on a broad-spectrum day cream in a high factor that will keep you protected. Looking to save time? Miracle multi-taskers such as IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream contain skin-loving Serum, illuminating coverage, and SPF50 - all in one swipe!


Try An Overnight Style

If battling with your hair is a time drain in the morning, make it easier by learning a few quick overnight hair tricks, to beautify your locks while you sleep. Twisting or plaiting hair and misting with a sugar spray will give you enviable morning mermaid waves with zero effort. If fighting frizz is your battle, try smoothing some coconut oil through your locks before tying them up and then washing out in the morning.

Get a Makeup Hit

Good makeup doesn’t have to be complicated, you can take minimal time and still look polished but making your products work harder and streamlining the contents of your beauty bag. Think a hard working cream formulation like Glossier Cloud Paint that can be used in cheeks and lips, or a great matte bronzer that can do double duty as a neutral shadow. Double up on your brow products too by also using them for a soft eyeliner - Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is really great for this. And good old Vaseline can be used to gloss lips, tame brows and add a subtle sheen to cheekbones too!

With a little planning, getting your morning routine down pat can be easy - and give you more time to grab that coconut latte on your way to work!