Moving Home With The Kids In Tow (A Stress Relieving Guide)

Many experts cite moving house as the most stressful thing that you can do, and that's without being a parent on top! In fact, while we wouldn't be without them, moving house with kids can be a potential nightmare waiting to happen. Happily, there are some tactics below that can help you get through this without losing your hair or your temper. Read on for more.


Involved them as much as possible

One way to make moving house with a family less stressful is to get them as involved as possible. Now, of course, there will be some things that they cannot do like lifting boxes, but it's important to remember that moving can be a tough time for kids and it can often feel as if it's something that is happening around them rather than an event in which they are directly involved.

Therefore spending some time to explain what is happening; to the little ones, as well as all the stages that are involved and what they can do to start getting ready for the move will help. Of course, if you can take them to see the new house, or even out for dinner in their new neighborhood before moving day, this can help too.


Get some help


Next, it can be a great idea to get some help from the professional when you are trying to move with the family. The reason for this is because it frees you up to wrangle the kids, ensure everyone is OK emotionally, and oversee what is happening, rather than having to spend all of your time and energy on lugging furniture out of your old home and into the truck.

Happily, there are some seasoned professionals like Browning Moving, out there whose job is to help you move as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Something that can reduce the stress involved for you, and your kids.

Make the move fun

Also, the move day itself can be a difficult one for the little ones, especially if they have never lived anywhere else or they are leaving behind close friends. To soften the blow a little why not make the moving day as fun as you can?

Make the move the fun if you can.

One way of doing this is to head out for lunch in your new town when you arrive, or why not get takeout to eat while sitting on the floor in traditional moving style? It can also be beneficial to have the kids toys and bedding in boxes that are accessible and easy to unpack, as then you can help get them settled and off to sleep on the first night with a minimum of tears and tantrums.


Focus on integration

Last, of all, don't forget to make a concerted effort to get the little ones integrated as soon as you arrive at your new home. You may do this by signing them up to clubs and activities, getting them registered at the local school, throwing a block party, or even allowing them to have neighbor kids over to play in the backyard.

After all, the sooner they are settled and happy, the happier the whole family will be. A goal that is undoubtedly worth aiming for when it comes to moving home with the kids in tow.