Moving House? Don’t Forget These Jobs!

Moving house is always an incredibly exciting time, and once the offer has gone through and you are preparing to move, life can seem like a bit of a blur for a long while. It is important to remember that these weeks and months offer the perfect opportunity for you to carry out some last minute jobs in the house and get your things in order. Here is everything you need to make sure you do before you move out of your home.


Get your mail redirected

The first thing you will want to make sure happens is that you mail is redirected right away. You want to do this in advance of moving house because you don’t want any of your post going to your old address once you have moved. Make sure that you get your bank statements, government letters, memberships and other post redirected at least a week before moving day.

Ensure the new home

You cannot move into your new home if it isn’t insured. During the mortgage setup of your new home, you will be asked to arrange some home insurance or to go with the policy that they offer. Make sure that you have got everything sorted about before you move over to the new place because it is the law to have your home insured at least to a minimum amount. And let’s face it, you have just bought a new place, you want to protect it right?


Start Packing

You need to make sure that you don’t leave the packing until the last minute when moving out. Packing up and moving house is incredibly important and you need to take the time to get it right and get organized before you arrange the moving day with a company like Chess Moving. Start room by room and declutter and throw out old items, then start to pack up in order of rooms you don’t use to the most used room in the house.

Update your car details

One thing you might not immediately think about when moving house is the fact that your car is moving house too. You need to update the details on your driving license, on your car insurance and anything other things you may have relating to your vehicle. This will allow you to stay on the good side of the law because it is illegal to lie about your address with your vehicle.

Take final meter readings

The last thing you will want to do on your moving day is take a meter reading of both the gas and the electric meters. This is absolutely essential because when you move out of the house you will likely change your policy for energy, and the company needs to know exactly how much to charge you. Taking a reading and sending it over will allow them to see what energy you have used and you will be accurately charged for the energy and not overcharged when the new owners move in.