Pesky Household Annoyances (And How To Deal With Them)

Now, here’s something that is going to annoy you at the outset of this article. We haven’t covered everything - how could we? - so you may not find your biggest household annoyance on this list. But hey, you could always do what we did. We thought of the common household annoyances relevant to us and Googled them. As simple as that! So, if we haven’t managed to fix your biggest bugbear, the whole of the internet is at your disposal. In the meantime, have a look at the following. Perhaps you will find something that is an irritant to your day.


Pesky Household Annoyances

Rising utility bills: You have just about managed to get on top of your bills each month, when lo and behold, the mailman (it’s not his fault) drops a surprise into your mailbox. Your utility bills have arrived, and the prices have gone up - again!

Tip: We aren’t going to go into detail because you can find some helpful advice in our article on utility bills that we posted a short while ago. From switching to a fixed rate to sorting out your daily habits at home, there are some tips in the article that are invaluable to anybody sick and tired of being ripped off by their utility company.

Standing water in your sink: After washing the dishes, you pull the plug out of the sink and expect the water to disappear. Except it doesn’t - it’s left standing - and your heart sinks as you realize the pipes are blocked again! Why?

Tip: There are several reasons why your pipes are blocked again. It may be to do with the water quality in your home - hard water can cause a buildup of calcium in your pipes - or you may be rinsing food down the sink. So, what can you do about the blockage? For persistent blockages, you may need to call out a plumber. However, there are products in your local supermarket that can help, and we aren’t just talking about expensive chemical products. Pick up some vinegar and baking soda, and create a solution of two gallons of vinegar and one cup of baking soda, and empty that into your sink to deal with the buildup. Repeat every so often to stay on top of the situation.


Stuck trash bags: Bin day arrives, and you need to take the bag out of the trash can. The trouble is, your bloated trash bag has become stuck in the can, and you are liable to cause yourself an injury trying to get it out. Not only that but as we all know, your trash bag is also liable to tear with the effort, causing an unsightly and smelly mess in your kitchen.

Tip: There is a simple way to get your bag out - drill a hole in the side of the trash can. This will stop air getting trapped inside (the reason for the blockage), and you will be able to slip the bag out with relative ease. Please note: don’t drill the hole while the bag is still in the trash can, for obvious reasons!

Squeaky floorboards and noisy hinges: Tiptoeing downstairs for a cheeky late-night snack may be difficult in your home, especially when every door and floorboard scuppers your attempts to remain quiet!

Tip: Other than hiding snacks under your bed in preparation, you can also get to the root of the problem. Floorboard squeaks are often caused by moisture, so you could sprinkle a little talcum powder into the gaps to soak it up. And for your hinges, use oil. If you don’t have a commercial lubricant, use your kitchen oil (olive, vegetable, etc.) as that will eliminate the pesky noise.

And so…

Those were our tips - we have solved our household annoyances - but what about you? Is there anything we have missed off this list? Have you found solutions to other pesky problems in the home? Be sure to let us know, and give us all the benefit of your domestic wisdom.