Planning A Perfectly Awesome BBQ That Will Rock

Hello, and welcome!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend and your Monday is off to a good start.  Can you believe we are coming to the end of May?  June is just around the corner which meansw hot weather, BBQing, and SUMMER!!!  Well, if you haven't noticed by now, I love to throw a party.  If there could be an excuse to throw one, I will find one.  What a perfect excuse to throw a party then the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?  

Planning a perfectly awesome BBQ that will rock with a free planner and checklist.  This will take the guess work out of planning the next BBQ

So when I was thinking about how I wanted to write this post, I knew it was going to be a long one.  I decided to break this up into two parts.  This part is going to be all about planning the BBQ and then on Friday I'm going to finish this post up with how to incorporate 20 minute meals into your BBQ.

If you've been reading my blog, when ever I plan to entertain there is a way I like to go about planning.  I ask myself the who, what, where, when, and how much.  I really feel that it is the simplest way to start and then you can grow from that.

I've put together a lovely planner and checklist for this occasion as well.  No party is complete without a planner and why would this be any different.  If you are planning on entertaining this summer season you can download and print out this planner and checklist and then fill it out with me.  If you are a VIP member it is in the printable section.  If you are not yet a VIP it's completely free.  You can join by clicking the picture below.

Now that you've got your planner printed it is time to fill that puppy out and get super organized for your upcoming BBQ!  I taken the guess work out of planning this BBQ.  All you have to do is fill it out and have a blast.

Invite List

No party is complete without your peeps.  Put your list together.  When you have finished, depending on how much time there is before the bbq is how you determine on how you invite them.  If there is a week before the BBQ, then the best way would be either texting your guests or calling them.  This way you will get a quick response and get a quick final head count.  If you have a couple weeks then sending out a Facebook invite or E-vite may be the way to go.  This is completely up to you.


Well, since this is all things BBQ we can safely say BBQ.  However, this will work with any event you are planning.  Along with planning the what, this is a great time to set up the menu and activities.  In the second part of this post I will be sharing a great variety of awesome 20 minute dishes to prepare for this event.  


Will you be hosting your event at your home?  How about a park?  Will you be renting a space? Something to consider, some places do require some notice when reserving.  This is the time to think about that.


Time to plan the date.  Okay so I usually do plan this first.  But when you are filling out the planner, going a little out of order is fine.  Along with planning the date, plan the time would be a good thing.  Since this is a BBQ, check the weather forecast.  A great place to check the upcoming forecast is Accuweather you can put in your zip code or city and you can check the extended forecast.

How Much?

Okay, this is a big one.  I love throwing parties but I don't want to break the bank either.  It is budget time.  These are the things to think about when budgeting:

  • Menu (food and drinks)
  • Decor
  • Activities
  • BBQing supplies (charcoal, propane, etc.)
  • Rentals (space, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Plates, utensils, cups, etc.

List Time!!!

Now that the planner has been filled out.  It is time to go through the checklist.  I've put together a great step by step checklist so you know when what needs to be done.  I've broken it down into

  • A Week Before
  • 4 Days Before
  • 3 Days Before
  • 2 Days Before
  • 1 Day Before
  • The Day Of
  • Master List

I sure hope this has given you everything you need to have a perfectly awesome BBQ that will rock you and your friends socks off!  Believe or not, there is so much that goes into planning a great event.  My goal is to help take the guess work out of it and allow you to enjoy your self.  You've thrown this party, you should enjoy it!

Does this help?  Will you be planning a perfectly awesome BBQ that will rock?  Don't forget to stay tuned to part 2 that will be coming out on Friday to complete this awesome BBQ!!  I would love to hear all about what you think in the comments below!!  Thank you so much for reading this, you support truly means a lot!!