Planning The Perfect Mother's Day

Happy Monday everyone!  I sure hope you have a fantastic weekend and are all rested and ready to take on the week.  So can you believe next weekend is Mother's Day?  Well, it is and I'm here to help you plan the perfect Mother's Day.  OR I'm here for you to forward this on to help the person that needs to plan your wonderful Mother's Day.

Traditionally in our home Mother's Day is my day to do whatever I want and the kids don't get to complain, too much (If I said they didn't complain we all know that I would be speaking about some awesome dream that I just had.).  So how does this come together you may ask?  Well, I'm so glad you did ask that because I'm going to walk you through this step by step.  Also, at the end of this post I will have a planner for you to download.

Yes, I have a list of things I will not do on Mother's Day.  I think it is important to have this list.  So, I give them a list of things that I will not be doing during the day.  Some things that I do not liking doing for instance are doing the dishes, cooking all of the meals, deep cleaning the house, you know the lovely things that I usually have to take care of everyday.  I consider this my day off from those things.  

So, okay this may be a little bit of you planning the day.  But, the way I see it, if you want to do things you want to do, then you need to ask for it.  Your family may not always know what mom wants.  The things that I would like to do for example are going to the farmers market, having the family take me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, and planting flowers in the yard.  These are things that I like doing.  Is there a movie you'd like to see?  How about a ballet?  Be creative and make up that list for yourself.  

Yes, now that you've filled out the things you will NOT be doing and you've filled out the things that you would LIKE to do, it's time to pass it off to the hubby.  If you've picked a restaurant to eat at he will have to check on reservations.  Mother's Day is a very popular day for people to eat out.  No one like to show up for dinner and find out that there is an hour or more wait.  Not a good thing for mom's on their day!  

Well in my family we do not do gifts for these holidays.  If there is something need or want I get it, that's how I am.  I would much rather spend time with my hubby and girls then get "something".  Don't get me wrong, I love receiving gifts.  When my children were younger they always had an awesome homemade gift that they were so proud of, that to this day I still have.  So, the gift I like to receive is time with the family and a day off from my daily responsibilities.  If your family are gift givers then I would suggest adding a few things that you may want or need.  Did a spatula break?  Have you been eyeballing a new pair shoes?  This would be the perfect time to ask for things like that. 

Adding a little bit of planning this Mother's Day should run a little smoother.  What type of Mother's Day traditions does your family have?  I would love to hear all about them in the comments below.  Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it!