Property Pitfalls: Avoid These Potentially Expensive Problems!

As a homeowner, there’s nothing more frustrating than when something major goes wrong with your property. These kinds of issues can be inconvenient, expensive to fix and generally be a massive headache. Here are a few ways you can save yourself money and hassle.


Have a Survey and Area Checks Done

If you’re buying a property, don’t even think about signing on the dotted line until you’ve had a survey done. This will highlight any potential expenses such as bad wiring, structural issues and any other problems on the property that could be expensive to fix.

Area searches will tell you if you have any legal requirements to pay service charges or even if you’re liable to pay towards things like local community buildings such as a church, sewage system or anything else. You need to know what you’re responsible for, and how much these things are likely to cost so you can negotiate the price of the house if needed.

Prevent Leaks

Leaks in the home can lead to the formation of black mold, flooding, even structural damage if things like joists and beams become rotten. There are a couple of ways you can experience water damage in the home, the first of which is rainwater getting in. Storms and high winds can pull tiles off your roof, meaning rain can then enter and drip into your loft.

At least once or twice a year, it’s worth getting up onto a ladder and having a check of your roof tiles, any issues call a company like Paramount Builders to put it right. Another thing to check on a regular basis is your guttering.

In the autumn, leaves falling from trees along with other debris can clog gutters preventing rainwater from trickling through them correctly. Instead of being directed into drains, it can leak out onto the walls of your property and permeate through to the inside.

Finally, leaks in the home can also be a result of problems with pipework. You’ll know when you’ve burst a pipe as this can be very messy and stressful to clean up, however, it’s slow leaks that can cause some of the most damage. If you have pipes that are slowly leaking they can cause damage such as rot over time without you even knowing.


Avoid Pests

Pests in the home are always unpleasant, and it’s not just dirty homes they will invade. Plenty of clean homes deal with pest issues too, the benefit to keeping your home clean, however, is that you will usually spot the problem more quickly. When you’re not surrounded by clutter and mess, you will see telltale signs like droppings, chewed items or dead insects more quickly.

Because pests reproduce so quickly, the sooner you spot the problem and have it dealt with, the quicker, easier and cheaper it will be. In your pantry, decent dry items like rice, flour, and pasta into glass jars with lids which will stop pests from getting in. Empty bins regularly and be careful to clean up food properly once you’re done. Even a few crumbs can attract and then feed pests.