How To Get Your Home Ready For Surprise Company In 20 Minutes.

 You get a phone call from some unexpected guests, what are you to do?!?  This is a step by step guide to get your home ready for surprise company in 20 minutes.  This post will show you how to prioritize your efforts so you can efficiently tidy up your home.  To help you succeed, there is also a FREE checklist to download.  Click through to take action now!

Have you ever had one of those calls, "Hey we're about 20 minutes away could we stop by and see you?"  You think to yourself NOOO!!! Then starts the mad scramble to get the house cleaned up ASAP!  

I'm here to help with that!  In this post, I promise to give you a step by step instruction to efficiently tidy up your home.  So, when someone calls up wanted to stop by you can still have a little bit of oh no fear but you can grab that check list and get the house company ready in 20 minutes!  Also, at the end of this post I've included an extra bonus for you, so stay tuned for that.

Once you get off the phone with your soon to be guest you'll want to calm down and take a breath.  Now it's time to collect your self and get through this.

Step 1: Grab a laundry basket.

The laundry basket to place items that don't belong in.  I like to collect as I go and put things away once I get to that room.  This way you are not wasting time by putting each item away one by one.  Keep in mind that you are tidying up quickly!

Step 2: Light a candle or open a few windows.

This will help with the stuffy smell that happens when you're just hanging out.  Lighting a candle and/or opening a few window will help freshen up the home quickly.

Step 3: Remember to tidy up not deep clean!

This will be a quick tidy up of the house.  Walking through grabbing items that do not belong.  Also closing off rooms that will not be in "use".  Keep in mind that you'll only be cleaning the common areas, close off the bedrooms, office, or any other rooms that aren't common. With a system in place it can be very easy to do.

Step 4: Pick a room to start in.

I like to start in the kitchen.  The kitchen is the landing ground in my home.  Everyone gathers there.  When company is over more time is spent in the kitchen then any other room.  

Below I'm going to walk you through common room by common room.  You can add or remove rooms that you do not feel that are necessary.

Tidy up the kitchen.

In the kitchen you'll want to:

  • Do the dishes
  • Wipe down the counter
  • Wipe down the sink.  
  • Pick up any clutter that doesn't belong in the kitchen put it in the laundry basket.  
  • Sweep the floors
  • Take out the garbage if it's overflowing.

In these 6 short steps your kitchen is ready to do.  Time to move on to the next room.

Tidy up the living room/family room.

If you have both then you will just follow these steps twice.  Let me show you the steps:  

  • Pick up the clutter (toys, papers, shoes, etc.)
  • Wipe down the coffee tables and side tables
  • Fold and put away blankets
  • Fluff pillows
  • Vacuum or sweep

Look at that another room is done.  Time to quickly move on to the next room.

Tidy up the dining room.

I find that the dining room is the easiest because we only use this room to eat dinner.  Like all of the other rooms, let's go through the steps:

  • Pick up clutter and add it to the laundry basket
  • Wipe down the table and chairs
  • Replace the table cloth (if you use one)
  • Vacuum or sweep

The dining room is done and you are ready to move on to the next room.

Tidy up the main/guest bathroom(s).

If you have more then one bathroom you probably will only have to have 1 bathroom company ready.  Most homes are designed to have a main bathroom.  You know when you are having people over they will need to use the bathroom so it is a good idea to have this room well cleaned.  

  • Scrub the toilet
  • Remove clutter (clothes, dirty towels, toys, etc.)
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Wipe down the toilet seat
  • Sweep the floor
  • Take out the trash if it is overflowing

The bathroom is ready to go.  Now it is on to the last area! 

Tidy up the entryway.

This is without saying right.  It's the first thing people see when they walk in.  All homes are different.  Here are the steps to tidy up the entryway:

  • Pick up clutter
  • Straighten up the shoes and coats (if you do not use or have a closet)
  • Tidy up your landing table
  • Wipe down the table
  • Sweep or vacuum

You have officially tidied up the common area.  Now there just a few more things to take care of.

Last but not least...

Remember that laundry basket with stuff in it?  If there are items still in the basket put that puppy in a closed off room.  Your company will be here soon and you can deal with that basket once they leave.  Don't be overwhelmed everything will be on the checklist to guide you.

Blow out the candle and close the windows.  Your house should be all ready to go!

Remember at the beginning of the post I told you that I put together a bonus for you.  Well, here it is!  I've put together a free Time-Saving Busy Mom workbook.  Inside this workbook are 8 tasks that you can start today to start saving time, which includes a cleaning schedule.

Each task item also has a worksheet for you to fill out and create a plan of action to make you as successful as possible.  Click the button below to download the free workbook now.

Hopefully, this can help you the next time you have a surprise visit.  

Do you do any of these things on a regular basis?  Have you been inspired to take action now?  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.  Thank you so much for reading your support truly means a lot!

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