How to Save hours everyday by creating a scheduling day

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We live in a crazy busy world and it can be tough to find any extra time.  So today, I want to share with you one of my favorite things today.  This thing that I do, saves me tons of time each and every week.  

If you've been a reader of mine for a while then, it is safe to say that I love to find ways to find more time.  Over the years of trying to find more time in my day, I've become quite creative in finding ways to find more time.  

Today, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite ways to stay organized, motivated, and saving time.  It's all about creating a scheduling day.  I'm going to walk you through what exactly a scheduling day is, how it will save you time, and how to implement this into your daily life.

Also, stay tuned until the end because I have put together a bonus for you.

So what is a scheduling day?  This is the day that I schedule everything.  If it needs to be scheduled then it is done on this day.

This is the day that I create my schedule, schedule all of my social media, and put together my to do list.

Since my scheduling day is on a Sunday, I do not include scheduling appointments on this day.  I set aside time during the week to take care of that.

Why have I clumped this all up into one day?  

I'm a huge fan of batching and this is the ultimate batching type of thing.  I love to batch everything I do together to create a more productive and efficient work environment for myself.

By creating a day each week I know that I don't have to worry about those tasks at all the rest of the week.  My schedule is made, my social media will be sent out when I want it to, and my to do lists are created for the week.

Instead of scheduling and hour each day to complete each of these tasks, I set aside 2 1/2 - 3 hours to complete this all in one sitting.  I cut time time in half or more and it is out of the way at the beginning of the week.

Do you see the time savings?  I contribute batching to the time savings.  

This entire project is being completed in one sitting instead of being broken up into mini sessions.  I'm able to just complete pop my work out at one time without any breaks.  My mind is focused on one thing so it is really an efficient block of time.

How can you implement this into your daily life?  

Well I'm sure most of you reading this will not have to spend this much time putting your schedule together because you aren't going to have to create a weeks worth of tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.  

However, giving yourself a weekly schedule and weekly to do list will give you a huge jump start on your week for sure.

So let's talk about the meat of your scheduling day.  These are the things that are vital to creating a successful and efficient scheduling day.

You will need to create your weekly schedule and your weekly to do list.  

Since I do not use the paper and pen method I have a lot of the work already done for me. 

If you are a paper and pen type of person, no biggie, I've got you covered!  I will walk you through exactly what you need to do.  

Once I do that, I will walk you through my way, and you can make up your mind on your own on which method you prefer.

Paper and pen method.

First off, you will need a good idea of what your days look like.  Then you will need to transfer that to your sheet.

Starting with the time you wake up then add everything that you do for that day.  For example, you could add your morning routine, when you make breakfast for the family, when you leave for work, any meeting that you may have if you schedule out time for a workout, things like this.  I also like to add my weekly menu to my schedule.  

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Keep in mind, when you are creating your weekly schedule you will want to leave out time for extra things that may pop up during the week.

Then once your weekly schedule is complete, it is time to create your weekly to do list.  I like to create a to do list for each day of the week.

This gives me a clearly defined plan of what my week is going to look like.

What you will want to do is, transfer your schedule to your to do list as tasks.  Keeping in mind the priority your tasks fall under.

Doing it this way, you will be able to complete your tasks in the order of priority.  If you are having troubles knowing what is important and what order your list should be in, I've created a pretty in depth blog post about that, you can read all about that below.

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I like to include what I'm making for dinner, everything that I need to do in my day, and any other reminders I may need to my to do list.

Now, let's talk electronic scheduling here.  

This is the system I use.  I do realize that everyone works, learns, and processes differently, that is why I've created both.  You can be just as productive, organized, and efficient using either system.

With that being said, I'd like to introduce you to my scheduling system.  I'm a true spreadsheet nerd at heart.  I love how simple and organized they look.

So, I created my schedule using a Google sheet.  It is completely free and easy to use.  All you need is a Google account and you're all set.

So I since my weeks look pretty similar, I'm able to keep most of my schedule the same (saving me more time).  

When I'm filling in my schedule, I cross reference my Google calendar, check for appointments, or any type of engagements I may have, transfer those to my schedule and then on to the next thing.

Since I have a theme for each day of the week, most of my tasks stay the same.

Things to include in your daily schedule are going to be the same as before, I like to start my schedule the moment I wake up and go until I go to sleep.  

Since I start every morning with the same routine, I have that all set-out, then depending on the day, I start getting everyone ready for the day.  Of course, the weekends will look a little different than the weekdays.

Maybe I've gone from one extreme to the next but, before I started creating a schedule for myself, my days just weren't working for me.  I rarely got more than the minimum done, I felt lost, unorganized, and completely unmotivated.

Creating this schedule is exactly what I needed to stay motivated and organized.

If you are a reader of mine, then you know that I have a slight obsession with a program/app called Todoist.  This is my daily to do list.  

This free program/app is the tool that keeps me on track all day every day.

If you are unfamiliar with Todoist, then I encourage you to read an in depth blog post that I wrote about Todoist, I share why I love it and how you implement this tool into your daily life.

Before we go any further, I want to let you know that I'm not affiliated with Todoist in any way, I just really love their product.

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Like I said earlier, most of my days are pretty similar so I've put most of my daily tasks on repeat so I don't have to add them week after week.

When you are creating your daily to do list, you will want to cross reference your weekly schedule.  

Depending on what you have scheduled for your days, it is wise to convert your schedule into tasks so when it is an easy way to complete your schedule.

Whatever you have setup on your schedule, you are going to want to make it into a task, or multiple tasks.  For example one of the items you have on your schedule is going to the grocery store.  Instead of just putting down, go to the grocery store, you will need to create a list, maybe the menu, and go to the grocery store.

This is breaking things up into manageable pieces so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Now it is your turn, I encourage you to create a scheduling day and schedule your entire week in one sitting, then create your to do list so you have clearly defined plan for the entire week.  

Doing this one thing will not only allow you to save some time, you will become more organized, and be wildly productive!

So, since this can be a tough thing to go alone, I encourage you to download The Time-Saving Busy Mom Workbook.  Inside this workbook there are my top 8 tips to help you save time (with one of them being a scheduling day).  Each tip has its own worksheet to help you create a game plan allowing you to save time today.

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