Seven Mess-free DIY Projects to Try at Home

If you are looking to create something unique and fun in a short period of time, without making a mess, there are a few great ways of getting creative. Not all of us are blessed with a workshop at home or a room where we don’t have to worry about spilling paint or glue. Below you will find seven great activities you can do alone or with your kids to pass the time and create unique gifts for friends, decoration for the house, or simply have fun.


1. T-Shirt Printing (Ironing Method)

You can design your family T-shirt by printing and designing your own patterns. There are plenty of great designs available online, including unique letters, GIF images, and cartoon characters. Check out the free svg files for Cricut Design Space available to download and get started. All you need is a high-resolution printer, a transfer paper, and an iron. You must remember to print out the mirror image on the transfer paper and keep the material flat on the ironing board. This can be a great personalized gift or a family uniform, too.  

2. Personalized Jigsaw

If you have had enough of the commercial jigsaw and would like to challenge your family members, maybe use a photo to cut into pieces, you can create your personalized jigsaw. You have two options; print the photo on a cardboard or stick a photo on the board. You might get a template cutter that will create your jigsaw, or you can simply go by straight lines and spend a night with your family members trying to put the picture together, then frame it and display it on the wall.


3. Crystal Names

If you would like to create a mess-free personalized sign for your child’s room, you can simply bend a coat hanger or some wire to the shape of a joint up writing and place it in a large tub filled with some dye, borax, or simple household crystal salt. You will have to mix the solution in water and wait a couple of days until the crystal forms on the wire and the artwork is ready. You can also add glitter paint, so you can have a shiny sign to be proud of.

4. 3D Foam Paint

If you want to create 3D writing and signs, you can make your own foam paint. All you need is some shaving foam, food coloring or paint, and some liquid glue. You might want to use an icing pipe you will no longer need to squeeze the paint on a piece of card or paper and let it dry for a couple of hours. Be sure not to move the creation until it fully dries, or you will make a mess and your writing or picture will be smudged.

5. Basket Weaving

If you would like to create something useful for your kids, you can get hold of some craft straw and learn how to weave baskets. You can make smaller ones for picking flowers and berries, and add some polka dot lining to them. Create a lid and a handle, add a pretty bow using leftover materials, and introduce your kids to this amazing skill.


6. Paper Beads

If you want to make your own beads, all you need is water, tacky glue, scrap paper, a few cocktail sticks to wrap the beads around, and some imagination. You don’t have to buy special patterned paper; simple newspaper or magazine, catalog cuttings will do the job. The beads will take a while to dry but can be painted over once they have. Add some glitter by using gilding flakes for unique patterns.

7. Stone Painting

You don’t need to be restricted to a canvas or paper when you feel like painting. Go for a walk in the local park or seaside and collect some uniquely shaped or colorful stones. Use your imagination to turn them into animals. You might also want to add seashells and other items to create your animal kingdom of the stones. Use acrylic paint and a sponge or brush to reduce the chance of spillage. Painted stones can be used as gems for jewelry, added on keyrings, or decoration.

When you are dealing with bored kids on a rainy day, it might be time to brainstorm DIY craft ideas. We all enjoy creating something from scratch but are not keen on cleaning up the mess. Next time you feel like you want to try something new, check out these mess-free projects and get the family involved.