How to simplify and prepare for your next move

 In this post, you will learn how to simplify and prepare for your next move.  If you feel overwhelmed with the moving process then you need to read this post.  Included is a free checklist to help you simplify your next move!

Today, I have an anonymous writer sharing their tips to help you simplify and prepare for your next move.  In this post they are sharing some facts about moving and what you can do to make your next move so much easier.

As Overwhelmed Busy Mom's we need all the help we can get!

Inside this post, they are is going over how to simplify your move and what you need to plan ahead on.  Plus if you click the button below they put together an amazing checklist for you to use on your next move!  

Enjoy! Jenn

Did you know the average person will move 11 times in their lifetime? Between all the logistics, commitments and the hidden unknowns that we encounter throughout the process of moving - this journey can leave us feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. We all know the initial stress is worth the end rewards. Experiencing that feeling of satisfaction when finally settled into our new haven is totally worth it! As a busy mother, there are even more responsibilities and pressures to ensure a seamless transition for your family during a move.

Maybe you are relocating across the country, the state or even just down the street. This post will explore 6 insights to simplify your transition and ensure a stress-free move.

Simplify Your Move

1) Store It: Have you asked yourself, ‘What if I need this again in the future?’ We tend to be a culture that has a tough time getting rid of things and that's okay. Storage options today are readily available and easily accessible, did you know 52% of the nation’s self-storage facilities are located in the suburbs. 32% in cities, and 16% are in rural areas. Chances are there's a unit within 15 minutes of your new and old home. For those long distance moves, Pods offers units that you can fill at your convenience and then have shipped to your new home.

2) Ship It: It’s no question that consumers alike have shifted to a normalcy of purchasing things online. As a mover in this digital revolution, we can benefit with ease! Today, you can ship essentially anything right to your doorstep! New furniture, mattresses in a box, on-trend decor, or even cleaning supplies - all sitting and waiting at your new address awaiting your arrival.

3) Sell It: Whether at a neighborhood garage sale, or one of the many online resale services (LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist) go ahead and purge! Sell the stuff you don't need anymore. If you’re not sentimentally attached to the belongings or don’t plan on adapting certain styles or pieces into your new space, consider letting it go. You know what they say, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure! Also, this is a great way to make some extra cash for the move while lightening the pack-up load!

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Don’t Forget The Following:

1) Your Essentials Box: The moving survival kit! Staring at a pile of boxes and trying to remember exactly where something important has been packed away can drive the most organized person insane. When making a move, be sure to pack a 24-hour essential bag! Include things like medical must-haves, valuables, cords, chargers, important documents, and so forth!

2) Replace your overlooked and worn out items: Instead of hauling the sofa, table or mattress you’ve used for the past ten or so years, consider this the time to upgrade your at-home-comforts for your new space. There is no need to move something to decide only a month or two down the line that you’re going to replace it anyway. Start fresh and ship large items directly to your new home. Treat yourself!

Plan Ahead & Schedule:

Wifi is a must have, we all know that! Heat and electric are important too! You don’t need to wait until you’re unpacking to start making calls for utilities to be set up and turned on. Be strategic and do this legwork ahead of the move. This will save you hours of impatient waiting for the next available service/setup agent to schedule you for an appointment. Today, you can even book online interior designers from the convenience of your phone! Prepared planning will help you avoid living that endless transitional limbo and instead let you get back to your important family obligations - all stress-free!

Don't leave here empty handed.  Click the buttone below to simplify your next move with a free checklist!