The Soft Furnishing Cleaning Guide That Will Blow Your Mind

Ask anyone what the most dreaded home cleaning task on their schedule is and nine times out of ten, they will say it's dealing with the soft furnishing. Why? Well, it is because it's such a dangerous task, after all, you have invested a lot of money your gorgeous couch, chairs, and curtains and if you clean them in the wrong way they can be ruined! Luckily, to help you avoid this, you will find a mindblowing soft furnishing cleaning guide below. Just keep reading.



Pillowcases, comforter covers, and undersheets have to be the easiest soft furnishing to keep clean. This is because you can remove them from their place in the home and bung them in the laundry.


However, there are still some tips that can help you complete this job more easily and effectively. First of all, don't forget to wash those sheets at the highest temperature possible, if you are unsure about what this is, check the care label. The reason that washing sheet of a hot wash is so important is that it not only kills dust mites but also helps to eliminate as many allergens as possible too, ensuring they get spotless.

Although, it is worth noting that they don't need to be put on a super powerful wash or dried for too long either, as this can cause wrinkling and shrinking that will make getting them back on the bed hard work.

Throw cushions

There are two types of throw cushion in this world. The good type has zips along the side so you can remove them for cleaning, and the other kind doesn't.

Now if you have the good type, you are already onto a winner, but you're not quite home free. This is because it is incredibly easy to shrink cushion covers when washing them, and this can make getting them back over the cushion pad a challenge. Also, if you happen to wash some of a matching set and not others, you may have a significant size difference to deal with as well, not something that is ideal.


With that in mind, when washing cushion covers do so by hand, in cold water. Then, once you rinse them, be sure to stretch them out as the fibers with compress. Lastly dry them flat like you would a woolen item of clothing, a tip that can help them to retain their proper shape.

Chairs and sofas

Unlike their easier to clean counterparts, chairs and sofas often do not have removable cushions or covers, and this can make cleaning them problematic, especially if you are dealing with a stain that you wish to remove.

Happily, there are some smart ways around this, one of which includes using toothpaste. Yes, that's right for your most high end, and treasured living room chairs and couches, a dot of toothpaste and a little water can work wonders. It is the tiny abrasive particles in the paste that helps to clean stains from out teeth that are useful here because they do the same on the mark you are working on. Of course, extreme care should be taken with this technique, and if you are in any doubt test it on an area that is not visible first.