The Beginners Home Canning Guide for Busy Moms

Today instead of myself letting you know all of the juicy details of the beginning canning process I thought it would be great if I brought an expert in.  Today Jenny from The Domestic Wildflower is going to show you the beginners home canning guide for busy moms.

We are busy moms running in a million different directions.  We want to make sure our kids are eating as healthy as possible which also means eating foods that are homemade.  The problem is we're busy so we just don't have the extra time.

Well, my friends, Jenny is going to show you that canning doesn't take as long as you thought plus we've put together a video busting the 3 myths about canning.  Enjoy!!

 Do you want to make more healthy food for your family from scratch but just don't have the time?  Hop on over and learn the beginners home canning guide for busy moms.  You won't believe it, but you can-can!

Hi, I’m Jenny Gomes and I blog over at where I share handmade food & craft recipes and tutorials. Jenn invited me to share something that will help you save time, money, and sanity when trying to feed your family more homemade: Canning.

I know what you are probably thinking. Canning has a terrible reputation as being something that takes a ton of time, that might make you sick, that is super difficult, and that is way too complicated for a modern mom to tackle. I hear ya- I have NO interest in any of those things. Time sucking activities have gone the way of the dinosaur in my house ever since I had kids.

I taught myself to can when I was pregnant with my first child. I really was interested in learning so I could feed her homemade baby food and not worry about the junk like added sugar, preservatives, and allergens inside storebought food. I learned how, and have been canning like crazy ever since. It has become THE tool I rely on to have healthy, homemade foods COOKED IN ADVANCE and it helps me save money and time.

I’m going to share with you today why canning can be fast, easy, and simple even if you’re an overwhelmed mom.

Canning is a way of preserving healthy fruit or veggies in glass jars using heat to sterilize the jar and to create a vacuum seal. That seal makes the jar shelf stable (on the pantry shelf, not in the fridge!) for up to a year.

The basic idea is that you put food (you preserve, such as applesauce, jam, pickles, salsa, tomato sauce, etc) into a glass canning jar, you put on the lid, and either submerge it into a boiling water bath OR set it on the rack of a steam canner (which I’ll explain in detail in a moment). You’ll set the timer for a set amount of time (dictated by a canning recipe, not your imagination) and then remove the jars from heat. The heat will seal the jar, and when the jars are cool you can store them to eat anytime. It’s a science, not an art, which should be comforting to those of you who are more of the type A, rule following, conscientious mom. If you’re the type B, easy going, doesn’t ever follow recipes type of mom, listen up. You have to follow a canning recipe because canning works on several principles one of which is that the contents of the jar have to be HIGH ACID. Canning recipes are all at a 4.6 acid level or greater. The inside of the jar will be too acidic for spoilers to grow. Canning creates an atmosphere inside the jar that I joke is like Mars. It gets really hot, there’s no oxygen, and it is really high in acid so nothing can live.

You might remember Grandma canning for hours and hours, working up mountains of peaches or bushels of apples. You don’t have to can huge batches, and after a batch or two, you’ll be able to can 5 or 6 jars of jam and have the dishes cleaned up in about an hour. I’m all about speed and I have several tricks that will help you can quickly so you can get it done during naptime.

Canning doesn’t take a ton of equipment. In fact, you probably have almost everything you need already! Here’s an equipment list for traditional water bath canning.

Home Canning Equiment checklist 2.png

There’s a new kind of canning in town that I want to share with you also. Now, the regular boiling water bath is absolutely safe and effective so you do NOT have to try steam canning. But, steam canning saves a ton of time because you don’t have to wait for that huge pot of water to come to a boil. You also won’t need a jar lifter (one of the items on the list) and it is ideal if you are living on a sailboat, an RV, a tiny house, a yurt, cooking on propane or with solar heat, or any situation where you are short on time and heating resources. Here’s the equipment list and fact sheet about steam canning.

Home Steam Canning Facts Equiment checklist 2.png

Once you decide if you’ll try canning in a traditional water bath or if you’ll get a steam canner, then you are ready to try canning on your own!

I know you are a busy mom and I totally get it. My kids are now 5 and 3 and I don’t have time to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. I want to help you learn how to can so you can have delicious and healthy tomato sauce preserved in jars for way less than it costs in the store. That tomato sauce can become countless dinners, and it is cooked in advance!

Jenn and I have teamed up to put our collective genius together to bring you a super-affordable mini-course full of premium video instruction that will SHOW you, in a way a cookbook cannot, STEP BY STEP, exactly what to do when, so you can-can with success!

I’d like to introduce You Can Can! Inside You Can Can you’ll find 5 videos of me teaching you about the equipment you need, the way to set your stove up for success (What pot goes where?! I’ll show you!), and the process of canning. I’ll also show you how to set up a steam canner so you can preserve using that time saver as well!

You can-can mock up.png

For the amazing price of just $15 bucks you can get these videos, plus- A PDF of the equipment checklists, a canning log, a canning season planner, a notes section for while you’re watching, and more.

Guys, you are not going to believe the BONUS SECTION that Jenn put together for you all too! You know how she’s a whiz at meal planning? She’s sharing 7 of her BEST 20 Minute Meals and all of them are linked to canning recipes that are easy, beginner friendly that you can try out TODAY.

Get it now- for just $15 bucks, how could you afford not to?!