The Nose Knows: Good Smells And Good Vibes In The Home

Whether you’re welcoming guests or inviting friends and family over for a night of good company, you want to make sure the home is welcoming. One sure to ensure that it’s not is to let all those natural household scents roam freely.

Whether it’s the smells of cooking, laundry, or general teenager smell, you want the home to feel clean, light, and without anything too distracting. So, here’s how to get those home smells out of there and create a much more pleasant environment.


Don’t let it linger

First of all, you need to look at the most powerful sources of smell in the home and find a way to tackle them. If food smells are lingering in the home, then cleaning out the oven and wiping down the hobs can help them evaporate sooner. Don’t let dirty laundry pile up indoors, either. Tackle those hampers and spray a little air freshener inside them. Keeping the home clean and tidying up your messes as soon as you make them is going to make it much easier to manage the scents within.


For the busier households

The more people in the home, the harder it’s going to be to tackle every source of the scent. For that reason, you need to look at the more powerful tools that can help create a better “smell-scape”. Air diffusers like those from AromaTech can be a perfectly powerful tool for helping create better smells that filter out throughout the home. There is a range of different aromas available, so you have a little more control over what, exactly, your home smells like.


Air it out

Whether it’s getting rid of lingering odors or helping better replacements spread around, that natural airflow within the home plays an important role in how the scent is distributed, as shown by Southern Athena. Ensure that your HVAC systems are working as effectively as they should, that you have clean, fresh ventilation that isn’t cluttered by dust, and that you’re using windows effectively to create a vacuum that refreshes the air indoors. The less clutter and barriers you have to airflow, the easier is it for fresh air to replace staler indoor scents and the better it distributes the scents you’re actively trying to create.


Get a little help

Air diffusers are great for actively replacing bad odors, but if you want to create lingering natural pleasant smells, houseplants can be a great tool for that. Make sure you spend a little time with the choice you have in mind before giving it a place in the home. Some houseplants might be pleasant and sweet on first contact but can soon become sickening. Find those that you like, however, and place them strategically through the most-trafficked or odorous parts of the home.


Whether it’s for guests or just for your own peace of mind, the scent of a home is more important to your sense of comfort than you might think. Keep the above methods in mind and get more control over what your nose encounters around the house.