To Do List Zero With Todoist: How I Was Able To Accomplish It All

 Zero out your to do list every single day using this awesome tool.  This post will show you exactly what it takes to complete your to do list every single day.  Click through to find out how!

I'm in love.

Yep, and no this is not going to be a love story post.  I just want you to know that, I am in love.

My new love is an app.  I know, right.  I'm crazy.  But let me tell you that this app has answered my to do list problem!  

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know there are tons of people out in this world just like me, struggling to maintain their to do list.

I want to tell you that I am writing this post because I complete believe in this app.  I am not being paid, I'm not an affiliate.  I just fell in love.  That's it.

Here it is, I'm a list maker.

If I start feeling anxious about something, I make a list.  That's what I do.  It calms me.

It also overwhelms me.  I make that list, I see how big it is, and then I feel anxious again.  Then I just cannot finish my list.  

One day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts (Beyond The To Do List) and Erik Fisher was interviewing the CEO and Founder of Todoist, a to do list app.  Amir Salihefendic (the CEO of Todoist) was talking about zeroing out his to do list each day.   I was intrigued.  

It's a great listen!  Here's the link so you can hear for yourself. 

Mission: Amir Salihefendic on crafting your personal productivity system

I thought that was impossible.

So I gave it a try.  

Todoist offers a free version and a paid version.  I completed a week of the free version and a week of the paid version.  In this post I'm going give you a quick over view of the app and then explain how I was able to maintain a zero to do list with this app.

A quick walk through of Todoist.

Todoist, has a minimal approach to its design.  I really liked that.  There weren't a million things going on.  It really is what it says it is a to do list.  

Within Todoist you have categories or what they call "Projects" you can assign each task to a category.  You can choose to view your inbox (uncategorized tasks), today's list (all tasked assigned for today), or a 7 day view.

Each task you add can be categorized and prioritized.  You can make a task recurring (daily, weekly, or monthly).  This is a feature I totally loved and I use often.

Create due dates.  When you assign your task to a day, that is your due date.  This was extremely helpful to me.

If you upgrade to the paid version of Todoist you gain a few extra features like mobile and email reminders, comments and file attachments (you can add any extra details to your task along with adding PDF's, spreadsheets, or even photos), track your productivity, and so much more.  

With it only costing $28.99 a year, for me it was totally worth the cost with how much more I was able to do.  They also offer a 14 day free trial.  I would recommend trying out the free version for about a week, get use to using the app and then upgrade.  You'll love it!

You can sign up here

Below are a few examples of what Todoist looks like:


As you can see, you have a daily view.  Your list is in order of priority.  That way you will always know what you are working on is the most important thing.

Another great feature is scheduling.  If you have an appointment or an engagement, you can add that to your tasks so it shows up. 

Here's an example of the weekly view:


How I was able to zero out my to do list each evening.

Sunday is my planning day.

Each Sunday I go through my monthly goals, my monthly calendar, and the monthly family calendar.  

Then I break up each big task into bite size pieces and add those tasks to the list.  I also created a working schedule for myself so I use the recurring feature so my Sunday planning session was actually cut in half!

Once I create my week of tasks, I prioritize each of the tasks on my list.  That way when the day rolls around, I know exactly what I need to work on first, second, and so on until I finish my tasks for the day.

Each day of my week I create a theme for.  For example, Sundays are my scheduling days.  This is the day I schedule my social media for the week, and create my weekly schedule. Wednesdays are my errand day that is the day I do my grocery shopping and run my errands.  I recently wrote a post about that you can read all about.

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I want to complete my to do list every day!

By doing this I have a clear set out plan each day that keeps me on task, highly productive, and so much more organized.

When I started out using Todoist, I only scheduled 5 tasks per day.  Now that I have been working with this app for 3 weeks now, I am scheduling between 10-18 tasks per day.  I've noticed that I've doubled my work load in the same amount of time.

It's awesome.  Once I finish the task, I check it off my list, and start on the next thing.  There is no more time wasted trying to figure out what I should do next.  

Once you are done, Todoist rewards you with a lovely enjoy your day or afternoon message as you can see below.


You can even tweet out your good new to all of your friends if you would like.  You can show them that you hit to do list zero for the day.

Now it is your turn.  It is your turn to start achieving to do list zero.  I've put together a workbook for you.  Inside this workbook, I share the 8 things that will help you become an organized busy mom.  Each tip has a worksheet that will help you create a plan of attack.

Included is a to do list walk through.

What struggles do you have with your to do list?  Will you be trying Todoist out for yourself?  I would love to hear in the comments below.

Thank you so much for stopping by!