Your House Is A Disaster: Now What?

We all want our homes to be havens from the outside world, a place to relax and have fun, and an all-around positive space to create memories. Alas, sometimes, this isn’t the case. There are some people who don’t have a home that’s relaxing and comfortable. Their homes are a disaster! They’re places that cause more problems than solutions. They’re spaces that the owner wouldn’t even think twice about buying if they were given the opportunity to buy it all over again they’d run a mile! If you find yourself in this position, then what are your options? We take a look below.


Pinpoint the Cause

It’s unlikely that every aspect of your home is your disaster. As such, it’s a good idea to put your house under the microscope, and see which particular aspects of the property is causing you sleepless nights. You might have the thought that every aspect is problematic, but under closer investigation, discover that it’s actually just one easy to solve the issue that’s doing all the harm. At least after following this thought path, you’ll know the severity of the problem and the best course of action to take.

Focus on One Room at a Time

If you are confronted with a home that doesn’t have too many redeeming qualities, then you may, understandably, have reservations about overhauling the whole place. It can seem intimidating, and rightly so. That’s why it’s better to break down your house into manageable chunks. You’ll feel much more able to overcome the challenge of getting your home in shape if you can see, say, ten small projects rather than one huge project.


Call in the Experts

You don’t have to do everything all by yourself. Property maintenance can be tricky work, and risky, too - there’s a chance that you’ll do more harm than good unless you’ve got the necessary experience. As such, it may be worthwhile calling in the experts to help you get your home in order. They may see a fast-track route to getting your home in tip-top condition or at least offer advice on where you should be focusing your energies. You can’t be expected to know all the tricks and tips for transforming a property from terrible to great!

Weigh Up Whether It’s Worth It

There’s something else that the experts might tell you, and that is that your home isn’t worth the effort of having it repaired. If you’ve got major issues with your house, then you might be better off selling your property and starting anew elsewhere. Of course, you might be thinking that if your house requires a lot of work, then no-one’s going to buy it. This is not the case. Companies such as Wren Realty buy homes “as is,” so you don’t need to do anything to the property in order for it to be sold. It might not be your first choice, but if the costs of repairing the home are too great, then it may be your best option.

A Thorough Declutter

Sometimes, there’s not all that wrong with the home. The problem is that it’s too cluttered, and the owners can’t see the potential that the home would possess if only they’d just make a few small adjustments. As such, consider decluttering your home before you get too doom and gloom about your property. It can do wonders for your perception of the house! Plus, there are plenty of other benefits to having a clearout, too. It’ll make your home more livable, and give your mental health a boost as well.

More Storage Space

But of course, you can’t get rid of everything you own. You’ll need to keep the bulk of the items that you currently own. However, those items don’t need to forever be on display, taking up valuable space. You can take the minimalist approach by adding additional storage to your home. Most people’s drawers are overflowing with their personal items, and it can be a little bit stressful to get everything in order when you’re afraid to open a drawer. There are plenty of innovative storage solutions that make your house more neat and orderly.

Stay On Top

If you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort getting your home into tip-top condition, then remember that you need to stay on top of the maintenance once you’ve finished! If the issues in your home were based on a lack of effort rather than a fundamental problem with the property, then you’ll be well served by developing a plan to keep your home in good condition. You don’t want to go through the same process over and over again!

Take Care Of Yourself

It’s much easier to tackle an issue when you’re in a healthy space, both physically and mentally. When you’re going through the process of getting your home in order, make sure you’re taking good care of yourself. This can involve eating well, exercising, and avoiding too many late nights. You’ll have energy to burn, and it’s always beneficial to have a “can do” attitude when you’re tackling a problem in your life. Go get it!

Make It Fun

It’s oh so easy to get stressed out by your home. Nearly everything to do with home ownership can be an upward battle! But really, attitude counts for a lot. Try to make your quest to improve your home a fun experience. If it’s already a mess then you don’t have much say in the matter, you need to do something! So do that something with a positive mindset, and see where it takes you.


It’s no fun looking around at your house and being annoyed and frustrated at what you see. It’s important to remember that you always have options, however, whether that’s taking control and sorting out all of your rooms, or selling up and moving on. Your home should be a place that you’re proud of, and which you love to be in. Don’t settle for anything less!